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Common Questions

What do I need to bring?

A mat, a yoga towel and bottle of water are required for every class and are available to rent or purchase in our boutique.

Why Infrared heat?

Beside the fact that infrared heat feels amazing, it has many other potential benefits: improved immune function, a reduction in pain and inflammation, increased flexibility and an increase in the flow of lymph fluids.

How hot are the classes?

Our warm vinyasa, fitness and Align classes are between 80º and 85º with 40% humidity. Our Fire Flow classes are between 90º and 95º, also with 40% humidity.

What if it's my first time?

Allow for time to adapt to the heat by arriving early for class. Dress lightly and drink plenty of fluids before, during and after your session and try to avoid eating two hours prior to class. Most important, pace yourself. Rest when your body asks for it. After a few classes, you will find yourself well-acclimated to the hot room.

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