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Align Yoga Hamptons Offerings

All Classes Are 60 Minutes Unless Noted

Fire Flow/Warm Vinyasa

Vinyasa Yoga links movement and breath. Align's Warm Vinyasa (80-85º) and Fire Flow (98-102º) classes are athletic-inspired yoga classes that focus on dynamic movement and sustained postures, alignment, breath and flow and are open to all levels. Prior yoga experience is recommended.

Align Yoga Sweat & Sculpt

Align's signature class taught in a warm (85-95º) room, merges yoga, breath, spirituality and fitness for a full mind, body and soul workout.

Hot Pilates Fusion

Taught in a hot (98º-102º) room, Hot Pilates Fusion is a full body mat Pilates class with a gentle cardio component and targeted stretch release. A classic flow with a contemporary twist and the use of body weight, resistance bands and sliders to create a reformer feeling on the mat, Hot Pilates Fusion will leave you sweaty, smiling and balanced.

**Not for pregnant persons past 2nd trimester.

Sweat & Sculpt

Taught in a hot room (95-101º), Sweat & Sculpt is a full body mat pilates class with a curated cardio circuit.  Using body weight and equipment such as bands, light weights and slides, Sweat & Sculpt will leave you sweaty, sore and feeling accomplished.

Align Slow Flow

A hot (96º - 101º) vinyasa class for those who prefer a slower, less intense pace, Align Slow Flow teaches the art of connecting breath and movement, as well as the proper alignment and modifications for fundamental yoga postures. Beginners welcome.

Slow Flow Pilates
(Pilates for Functional Mobility)

Taught in a warm room (87º - 94º), Slow Flow Pilates offers a full body, contemporary approach to strengthening with the use of body weight and props that condition the deep, supportive muscles and improve posture, balance and coordination.

**Not for pregnant persons past 2nd trimester.

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